Veganism and You

This page will go over veganism and its benefits to not only your body but the environment as well. If veganism doesn't resonate with you it's okay; maybe one day it will, and you can come back here to see what you can learn, and start your new lifestyle. Don't worry there will be no animal cruelty videos or guilt tripping here. 

What Exactly Is Vegan?

In this video YouTuber TheSeriousfitness goes over the basics of the vegan lifestyle. Their video is full of knowledge you need to know to start on your new adventure. To see more of TheSeriousfitness follow the link below. 

Pros and Cons of Veganism

In this article found on on goes over some basic pros and cons of going Vegan. Its a fast read, and has a good amount of educationsl information. If you would like to go to the site click the button below.

Veganism and The Enviornemnt

In this video by Vox we see how going vegan can have an impact on climate change and the world around us. Through a very educational and soured production we learn how impactful it is. To see related videos click the link below