Would you like to start living more sustainably?

"Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change and other negative environmental concerns. More simply, sustainable living is a method of reducing one's “carbon footprint”." www.sustainablejungle.com/sustainable-living/what-is-sustainable-living

Start Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle.

There are many ways to start living more sustainably. Don't feel too overwhelmed. It only takes one choice at a time. Learn what the options are and just choose one to begin with.


Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture, came up with a radical way of sustainable living. His brilliance came up with the idea to build homes with discarded materials, which creates a brand new meaning to living sustainably.

Creating Your Own Food Source

Gardening is one of the most well known ways to create your own food source. Did you know that large scale farming is actually extremely problematic to the earth? Learn more about these topics by clicking the button below.