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Recycling and How it Works

I know i was never really taught about recycling or i just didn't pay attention so if you're like me here so helpful tips, explanations, and how to's about recycling to help you start with something fairly small that will snowball into a much bigger world changer. 

Just Started Recycling?

Here's a great video for explaining the recycling process once you throw your trash into the appropriate containers. Want to learn how paper, aluminum, glass, and other recyclable materials are processed to be used again? Watch this video by clicking the button below

Why Recycle?

Find out more about why we should recycle with this article! It's important to recycle and not everyone understands why it's important. This article, click the button below to read more, goes over why we should recycle and various reasons why it's important 

Recyclable Items/Materials

Another great question is what items are recyclable? In this video you'll learn what types of household items are recyclable and the proper steps to take to get those materials well on their way to a new life. Watch the video on YouTube and find more topics to explore by tapping the button below to head over!