Grillin' Green with Jamaican Jeem

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

How It Began?

Five decades ago, a young man finished his stint in the U.S. Navy, and just graduated college, went to Jamaica with some friends for a long weekend. Stepping off the plane he instantly knew that Jamaica was something more than special, and he knew his destiny was going to rely heavily on this magical island. There is indeed a "Natural mystic blowing through the air" that was to be imbedded in his very soul.

Natural Mystic?

Over the years the natural organic world of Jamaica has taught us many lessons to achieve a holistic lifestyle. This is possible through using natural resources of the island itself. By living, working and cooking with renewable resources that are sustainable to the environment; The people of Jamaica have reduced the carbon footprint and eliminated the use of fossil fuels while also slowing deforestation. Of all the goods and products that have come out of Jamaica, bamboo has become a major resource for building, crafting, and a fuel source. Bamboo is a renewable resource as this grass plant grows back within 90 days!

Bamboo Charcoal?

The use of Jamaican bamboo charcoal has become a reality for those who want to grill more environmentally healthy. How is it more environmentally healthy you ask? With using bamboo charcoal your grilling experience becomes free of fossil fuels, chemicals, or carcinogens. Bamboo is technically a grass, which is then out through a kiln. This bamboo charcoal produces only radiant heat, meaning, no flame or smoke. By using this method to cook you can now grill fruits, vegetables, seafood and other more delicate foods, as well as traditional grilling meats. In short, There are no chemicals or carcinogens absorbed into your food, meaning, you eat healthier, no trees are cut down, and there are zero fossil fuels used in your new grilling process.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to take the time to learn more about Jamaican Bamboo Charcoal, join our blog to learn grilling skills, international recipes, and share your experiences with other like minded people who share interests in a more holistic lifestyle. As a group we can enhance the efforts to reduce carbon emissions, while advocating for renewable resources and to live in a more sustainable world.


When you buy a bag of Jamaican bamboo charcoal you aren't buying it from a soulless corporation or big box store. You're buying from a Jamaican farmer.

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