Want to start adopting a healthier way of eating?

On this page you will find some different articles to healthier eating habits such as recipes, the definition of healthy eating, and why what we currently consume is not healthy to our human bodies.

Is what we're consuming healthy?

In short no, not really. From things such as GMOs(Genetically Modified Organism) to the chemicals put in what we consume such as fluoride in tap water. Things we consume tend to not be healthy for us. If you'd like to learn more, you can start by clicking the button below.

Healthy Eating? What in the World?

One of the easiest ways to start having a healthier way of eating is to meal prep. Meal prepping is the system of prepping your meals beforehand. Say you are making Chicken rice, and broccoli. Just make enough for multiple servings for different days.

Healthy Foods 101

Here's a youtube video explaining diets and why they're more like food rules for a food intake structure. The concept is please be more aware and conscious of what you put in your body.