Image by Eleonora Albasi

Bamboo, A Blessing.

Bamboo is very wonderful alternative for so many different things. Building, Eating, and fuel for fire Bamboo has limitless possibility it seems. If you'd like to learn more about the versatility of bamboo, and how it can impact the world, please take a look below at some videos and links.

Into Bamboo 101

Bamboo is such a magnificent and versatile resource. Theres so many different ways to utilize this amazing plant. Here's a video on some basics!


Bamaboo has been used for ages, and the one thats the most mind blowing is using bamboo to build a shelter with. I'm 100% sure our very ancestors would use bamboo this way.


Here's a cool video about it

Interesting Variety

In this video you can learn something for free! A very useful skill that may spark a passion in even the most passionless. watch this video and send an email with your takeaways.