Want To Be Apart of the Action?

Below you'll find sources to activism groups, non profits, and more! Start being apart of not only the conversation but the action as well! Your voice matters. Speak louder until it's heard. Find groups that will help you raise your voice for the right reasons.


Are you ready to raise your voice to the fossil fuels industry? 350.org says, "We are standing up to the fossil fuel industry to stop all new coal, oil and gas projects and build a clean energy future for all." If this calls to you visit their website below and see how you can take action to help the earth!

The Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

In the video, Vish Dhar TED Talks about how young people are the solution for climate change. The latest generations will solve our current issues and it is time to stand up. Raise your voice and be heard. This OUR world. We will save it and we will lead it to a better tomorrow. Enough is enough. Stand, Voice, and Lead.

Become an Environmental Activist 

In this video we learn how to become an activist in our very own community/town. It's very important to start small. A million small changes is enough to make a bigger difference in the grand scheme of things. Begin in your very own community, in your group of friends. Starting is the hardest part. Start and stay consistent. Do Better, Be Better, Feel Better.